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Greetings blog visitors!  Morgan here!  

I am a Junior at Furman University, studying Communications with a concentration in Business Administration.  for making this gigantic world we live in seem a little bit smaller each day.  My fascination for the realm of communication is a central feature of my character.  I love to connect and live to broaden my SCOPE of the world!  I am beyond excited to say I will be studying abroad this upcoming semester (Fall 2018) at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen!


At DIS, I will be living in a Residential Community in København!  One of the reasons I fell in love with DIS in the first place was because of its heavy emphasis on experiential learning.  Learning by doing is something I not only value, but NEED; I know myself well enough to say getting my knees in the dirt and my hands in the weeds is the ONLY way I'll ever be able to understand gardening, or anything else for that matter!  Trial and error, people.  You live and you learn, and the best lessons come from the losses.  Have you ever had a plant die?  Yes?  Did you learn something?  Yes?  Case and point. 

I'm going to be honest in saying this is my first time in the arena of travel blogging, but I'm excited to dive right into it!  I have done a great deal of blogging, as it is a personal passion of mine and a way in which I believe allows me to be autocratic over my reflections in a way that forces me to dig deeper with genuinely learning from my experiences.  Plus, I'm a grade A, major league talker... I love to chat and collaborate

I L•I•K•E:  community//global service work, bunnies (bugs bunny is a legend), SPORTS (go cubs go), old movies (favorites include goodwill hunting, the sandlot, , and day off), my sense of smell ( love smells) music (indie, classic rock, quiet rap, folk, anything with guitar), comedy, connecting people, photography, and, of course, traveling!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy and please keep in touch!

To learn more about me, visit my personal site!

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