Updated: Sep 23, 2018

yummy yummy pastries from La Glace

EEEPPPPP !! People weren't kidding when they said Danes were among the nicest people on our earth! It's my third night in Cope, and I've already have an unconditional admiration for this city! I love it with my whole heart!

Orientation has been a helpful aspect of the transition process! Plus, it's has been a BLAST (& a half)!!! So much exploring! Here's a little snip-it of what the schedule looked like: Arrival Workshop -- Being on our own and having the responsibility to get to and from DIS, navigate the city, and check things off our orientation checklist (textbook pick-up, academic advising, etc.) has been both challenging and rewarding. I feel like I am getting the hang of things! It also helps to have tons of other students going through the same motions.

I made some new friends, while fumbling around figuring out their orientation schedules! We took a (self-guided) tour of the city, which took the form of a scavenger hunt around our neighborhood: Amager (pronounced: ama-pol) ! My group (pictured below) completed so many "firsts" together! First bus ride. First metro ride. First visit to the local grocery store (only half a block from our building)! First trip to the library. And so many more! We even learned our first Danish word: "Tak!" (which means "thank you!"). I asked four different groups of Danish passers-by if they knew the translation for "please," and they all had similar reactions. They looked puzzled; "hmm," they said. Turns out, there is actually NOT a direct translation for "please," rather several alternative sayings that insinuate gratitude while asking for something.

Unbeknownst to us, the scavenger hunt was actually a competition to see which group could answer the most questions. The grand prize was a gift card to a beautiful Danish bakery right in the heart of Copenhagen: La Glace. And guess what !!!! Our group took home the gold -- winner winner chicken dinner! Quite a humbling experience. We cashed in our gift card for THE yummiest pastries I've ever tasted in my life (pictured above)! We divided a conquered to try a little bit of everything. Golly it was such a fun first day.

First Bus Ride !!!

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