Context: "lille" is the Danish word for "small"

So this weekend I got to show my mom around home here in Cope. It was such a pleasant time having her. We are both such planners, so it made for quite the busy, adventurous, YUMMY weekend. I was so glad that she was able to visit (plus, she brought my sweatpants - thx mom).

Further Context:

On Sunday, I reserved a rental car (via this website - other options as well) for us to drive to this destination almost exactly 2 hours south of Copenhagen. It's called Møns Klint. I had heard all about this place and that it was the most beautiful sight on earth. Of course, I looked up pictures and some people in my RC had gone with a group the weekend prior, returning with pictures. I mean, we all exaggerate sometimes and yes, I believed it would be pretty, but I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Here's the thing. I'm sort of a gotta see it to believe it kind of person. Well let me tell you. I saw it. And this was my reaction:

We are all so small.

I cannot really articulate the feeling that standing beneath a canopy of towering trees at the advent of autumn leaves, feet away from a monstrous cliff that seemed as is it was about to swallow the crystal blue water to quench its thirst, with a side of dramatic white cliffs that put me in sheer awe. It was the most dramatic thing I have ever seen in my life. It put this knot, but like a good kind of knot, in the pit of my stomach that tightened every time I looked up. The world is such a big place and we are all such a small little part of it.

The drive there in and of itself was a montage of beautiful scenery. Miles of rolling valleys. Farm after farm after farm after farm. Cows. Horses. Goats. A couple SHEEP. An elderly Danish couple walking down the road with matching red hats and a serene rythm. Then BAM out of nowhere the entire landscape turns into a golden abyss. Fields of little yellow flowers. Everywhere. As the journey went on, we rolled through the little town of Møn (it's actually on an island)! It was adorable.

The juxtaposition of the bright white cliffs and AQUAMARINE water painted against the forresty mountain of changing colors and sequenced shadows. And the smell. OH THE SMELL. It was glorious. It felt surreal. Maybe it's because it was my first time outside of the city, who knows, but when I inhaled that deep smell of root, truly it took my breath away. I couldn't stop smelling. I told you I love my sense of smell. It's one of my favorite things. And the forrest is one of my favorite smells.

If you're here in Cope and you haven't gotten a chance to experience something like this outside of the city, I can't stress enough how highly I recommend making this journey. There is so much more to Denmark. Go see for yourself !!!

It was a magical experience.

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